Management Team

Cameron Hale

President Alvah Group, Inc.

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Cameron Hale has an extensive background in underground distribution work having worked both gas and electric projects. He has worked in the field his entire career, starting as an operator and working up to Project Manager for the Mueller Resource Management, Inc. (MRM) family of companies. He managed projects for MRM in Michigan, Ohio, Hawaii, California, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, New York and Minnesota.

In 2007 he was recognized by Harold Mueller (the founder of MRM) as having the unique capability to build his own company. Mueller encouraged Hale to branch off on his own. Hale has expanded the company from its beginning as a cable pulling contractor to all facets of distribution and electric construction, including underground, overhead, network maintenance, civil, restoration, and traffic, primarily for PG&E in the Bay Area. He grew Alvah Group, Inc. and ancillary companies from the inception to over $160 million of revenue in 2023.

Hale understands that every day requires an attention to detail and quality workmanship. He knows that there are others out there that can do the same type of work so Alvah Group has to do it better and safer to maintain the customer’s trust and continued relationship. This mindset is constantly reinforced with subcontractors selected to work on Alvah Group projects.

  • 30 Years Distribution Utility Construction Experience
  • 1991-2006 Mueller Pipeliners, Inc.
  • Started as a Laborer in Michigan and worked way up to Project Manager.
  • Ran projects in  Michigan, Ohio, Hawaii, California, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, New York and Minnesota
  • 2007 – Present President & CEO Alvah Group, Inc.

Steve Chu

Executive Vice President – Alvah Group, Inc.


Before being named Executive Vice President in February 2024, Steve served as Program Manager at Alvah and was responsible for the company’s Overhead portfolio, which included oversight of project management and coordination, project administration, quality assurance, and customer reporting. During this time, he played a key role in cross-department collaboration and the implementation of a new Overhead work management system to adapt to continuously evolving customer requirements. Steve was promoted to Vice President in February 2022 as he took on responsibility for all company programs including Underground Fire Hardening and subcontractor management.

Prior to joining Alvah, Steve worked at Pacific Gas and Electric Company as the Contract Construction Supervisor leading the Wildfire Safety Inspection Program repair efforts for the Bay Area. Previous to this role, he also worked throughout the company’s service territory as a Project Management Supervisor, Project Manager, Field Engineer, and Logistics Branch Director at the Regional Emergency Center during Major Emergency activations.

Steve earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from University of California Irvine.