Our History

Alvah Group, Inc.

Alvah Group, Inc. is primarily a project management organization capable of executing large master service contracts for electric and gas utilities in California. Alvah Group, Inc. is one of California’s largest diverse business enterprise enterprises and is majority-owned by Cameron Hale. Cameron Hale founded Alvah in 2007 starting as a subcontractor pulling cable for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Since then, Alvah grew into one of the largest IBEW utility contractors in California focusing on all aspects of overhead and underground electric distribution utility construction. In 2021, MasTec, Inc. (MTZ) purchased Alvah’s construction operations (Alvah Contracting, LLC, Utility Construction Services, Inc., Utility Traffic Control Services, Inc.). Alvah Group, Inc. continues to rely on these affiliated companies to provide seamless construction services to its customers.

Alvah Contracting, LLC, is an overhead and underground electric utility distribution contractor operating on the west coast of the United States. It was formed from the construction operations of Alvah Group, Inc. Alvah Contracting, LLC is a subsidiary of MasTec, Inc.

Utility Construction Services Inc. (UCS) was formed in the summer of 2016 with the vision to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective civil construction services for the electrical utility industry. We specialize in providing civil support services in dense urban environments to support the repair and construction of high-voltage transmission, distribution – both Overhead and Underground – and street lighting. We provide construction and repair of manholes, duct banks, including foundation drilling services, along with hard and soft surface restoration. Utility Construction Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of MasTec, Inc.

Utility Traffic Control Services, Inc. (UTCS) was created in fall of 2018 and specializes in traffic control throughout Northern California. We primarily service contactors working for PG&E. Utility Traffic Control Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of MasTec, Inc.